Rizospray Integrum


Only adjuvant technology that integrates a surfactant molecule system combined with modified vegetable oil (MSO), creating a micro emulsion specially designed to accompany broth-based graminicides. 

It is the optimum enhancer of graminicides and other emulsifiable concentrates (CE) because it provides anti-evaporating, penetrating and trans-locating attributes.

It is a stable thermodynamic micro-emulsion, which has been specially designed for increasing the stability of very highly complex-mixes carried out in tanks, used in agricultural practices today. Rizospray Integrum is not separated in phases, in this way avoiding the stratification of supplies in the pulverization broth.

  • Only adjuvant in the market chemically designed to enhance graminicides.
  • Forms a micro-emulsion: stable mix without phase separation.
  • Reduces evaporation because it has methylated oil in its composition.
  • Maximizes the penetration and translocation tandem.
  • Guarantee greater speed and increase the control percentage.
  • It does not affect the performance of the glyphosates and other salts because it is methylated oil with high surfactant concentration.
Application Rate
100 a 200 mL/ ha para aplicaciones junto a graminicidas.