Rizoliq TOP II

Liquid inoculant

Inoculant that promotes higher bacterial metabolic and physiological performance. It allows an anticipated seed application and improves logistics when the farmer needs it most.

A unique formulation process and composition with osmoprotective substances (TOP Technology) strengthen bacteria and increase their concentration and survival on seed.

Because of its high concentration at elaboration date (1 x 1010 bacteria / mL) and its formulation based on specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum y Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens., Rizoliq TOP maximizes nodulation and Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF).

Moreover, it allows for an anticipated seed treatment, thus preventing logistical issues at sowing time.

For extended on-seed survival, we recommend using Premax (bacteria protector).

  • Greater bacterial concentration and stability in the container
  • More active physiological state of bacteria than with traditional methods
  • Superior protection at the cell membrane level to reduce desiccation
  • Greater on-seed survival
  • Better adaptability to adverse environmental conditions, such as hydric and chemical stress
  • Anticipated treatment with seed-applied chemicals (ask your ag-input supplier for specific recommendations)
  • Greater Biological Nitrogen Fixation
  • Increased yield potential
Application Rate
200 mL/100 kg de semilla