Rizoliq Surco

Liquid inoculant

Is a Liquid inoculant based on Bradyrhizobium sp, formulated for the cultivation of peanuts. It is applied simultaneously on the seed and on the sowing line. It includes osmoprotective Technology (TOP).

The inclusion of osmoprotective substances (TOP Technology) promotes the high metabolic and physiological performance of the microorganisms that are part of the inoculant. In this way, they are able to endure greater survival rate on all the seed’s surface, and better adapt to diverse agricultural environments and adverse situations, such as hydric and chemical stress.

The internal protection of the microorganisms allows for a competitive edge of up to seven days before sowing, making the job of the farmer easier. If the sowing is detained by any eventuality, there is no need to treat the seed again.

  • Produces excellent nodulation
  • Greater capacity to fixate Nitrogen
  • Easy application.
  • Simultaneous inoculation and sowing.
  • Greater amount of microorganisms in the seed and the rhizosphere.
  • .Avoids the desiccation of the inoculant on the legumen of the seed.
  • Saves time.
Application Rate
Inoculation in the seeding line: 1 blister of 7.5 liters. for Has.