Rizoliq Dakar

Liquid inoculant

Inoculant that is specially designed for soybean production under adverse conditions such as drought and high temperatures.

It provides a sustainable and adaptive response to climate change in high stress environments caused by hydric deficiency and high temperatures. It improves production in areas with limiting environments that endanger the survival of inoculant's bacteria, symbiosis and the productivity of soybean.

The Drought and High Temperature Tolerance Technology is an exclusive formula developed by Rizobacter that exposes bacteria to a specific fermentation and formulation process, increasing their ability to adapt to adverse situations.

Rizoliq Dakar includes HC Technology (High Concentration), a novel formulation process by which a higher bacterial concentration is obtained. This innovation ensures a greater number of bacteria on seed, with a lower application rate.

It is formulated with Osmoprotection Technology (TOP), which also strengthens bacteria and increases their concentration and survival on the seed. It contains a high concentration at elaboration date (2 x 1010 bacteria/mL).

Furthermore, it allows for an anticipated seed treatment, thus preventing logistical issues at sowing time.

For extended on-seed survival, we recommend using Premax (bacteria protector).

  • Increased yield potential
  • Mitigates the effect of main failure factors on the inoculation and nodulation process
  • Extends pre-treatment period
  • Increases bacterial tolerance against high temperatures
  • Favors crop development in marginal areas with low water availability
  • Provides greater Biological Nitrogen Fixation
Application Rate
200 mL every 100 kg of seed.