09 December 2021
In 2022, Rizobacter plans to open an adjuvants plant in Londrina to supply the growing crop protection market.
Soybean Innovation LAB, Rizobacter
29 October 2021
Rizobacter has proudly partnered Soybean Innovation Lab with the shared commitment to build a “Better Agriculture.”
20 September 2021
BIOLOGICAL NUTRITION BOARD - Gabriel Prieto, Agricultural Engineer, Master's Degree in Soil Sciences, Head of Rural Extension Unit (AER) Arroyo Seco of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and Legumes Specialist.
17 September 2021
Starting this year, Rizobacter will certify its carbon footprint to meet specific goals in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and continue contributing to actions to combat climate change. The company thus strengthens its corporate sustainability strategy, aligned with a low-carbon agriculture paradigm.
inoculantes para soja
17 September 2021
With 44 years of history, Rizobacter’s growth is reflected in its progressively strong global presence: 23% of the world's soybean is treated with its inoculation technologies.
cultivo manchado aplicaciones eficientes
17 September 2021
Tank cleaning: a fundamental practice that prevents crop stains.
inoculantes en base a Azospirillum
17 September 2021
With an eye on the export of added value and a high-potential South American market, the leading company in agricultural microbiology is committed to differentiating itself through superior quality standards.
Legumbres Arveja Rizobacter
17 September 2021
Argentina obtained authorization to export this legume to China, setting up a challenge for national growers. In order to achieve good yields and quality, technicians recommend choosing a well-drained plot and prioritizing early crop care. Seed treatment and inoculation are two strategic practices.
10 August 2021
Interview with Rizobacter’s CEO, Ricardo Yapur
12 July 2021
July, 2021, Pergamino, Argentina/ Davis, CA, USA. – Rizobacter -- a subsidiary of Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (NASDAQ: BIOX) and a global leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture -- and Marrone Bio (NASDAQ: MBII) (MBI) -- an international leader in sustainable bioprotection and plant health solutions -- today announced that Rizonema , a biological seed treatment for nematodes and soil dwelling insects, will be offered for use in row crops in Brazil through an expanded distribution agreement.